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Fire Fire

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

This is very beautiful. I feel conflicted because it achieves what it aims to do in every way, and succeeds in making a nearly flawless demonstration of fire contained within a web browser; however fails to engage in any way as a game or "simulator" — when I think of a fire simulator I think of Little Inferno. That achieved wonderful beauty, but obviously it's kind of hard to review something as a game when it's ultimately not one.

I'm settling for half way.
Absolutely horrible game, one of the best simulations of fire that I've seen on a browser.

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Rated 2 / 5 stars

This game has a good presentation. There is a decent level of polish and simplicity off the bat which is automatically engaging for the player.

The mechanics are slightly off putting. There is a very small window for the player to jump over obstacles. They are immediately greeted with a notification, and paused screen telling them to press "A" to continue.
For a game where dying is going to be an integral part of it, pressing "A" becomes a chore after a while. I constantly dreaded dying for that unnecessary screen. Tiny Bud should automatically wind back up at the start of the level when he dies so players are encouraged to increase their skill.
This feature has single handedly increased the chance that players will be more likely to leave the game when they die, as the control is taken out of their hands and they are given the opportunity to contemplate whether it's worth continuing. If this screen popped up when you ran out of lives, and took you to the beginning of that stage, this would be more understandable.

For a game that is solely focused on the keyboard, it is annoying that the menu screen suddenly needs to have mouse movement. It becomes a chore to get focused on one controller system, and have to move your mouse again to select your stage. Everything should be done with the keyboard, unless there is an integral feature that will require the player's hand to be on the mouse during all stages of gameplay.

The music is quite nice, and it doesn't feel overwhelming. For something simple, this complements the game. Good work.

Overall this is a good little time killer with nice simplicity but is ultimately overshadowed by its poor implementation of a difficulty spike that fails to keep the player motivated to continue.

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PRGAMES responds:


Thanks for your review

* i will try and make controls a lot more comfortable
* Game is just a 24 Level platformer divided in 6 parts
and hence being a small game have made it a bit difficult with player having to be a bit precise at jumps
(i think maybe a better refined controls shud do the job)

* will have an improved version shortly


WarioWare: Online Version! WarioWare: Online Version!

Rated 2 / 5 stars

This game is very reminiscent of the WarioWare titles and brings back a familiar sense I got from playing on my Nintendo DS as a child.

Unfortunately it is let down by a lack of three things:

1. Polish
2. Progression
3. Originality

I think this could have been a lot more successful aside from a WarioWare title (even if it is almost identical) — this is subjective as I am extremely finicky when it comes to making your own fan titles of another companies creation. Not as a legal rights issue, it's just that I prefer to see people's OWN imagination. Not their take on someone else's.

There is very little progression to this game. The minigames do not get harder or more complex. This would have really added to the immersion and challenge.

Finally, its biggest letdown is its polish. It is ill presented. Its mechanics are great and it flows wonderfully from each transition, but is ultimately let down by its overarching design.

Overall this is a great little time killer for anyone looking for a nostalgic tribute to the series or after a small time killer; but has a long way to go before it can be something worth going out your way for.

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